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Where to Place Your Chicken Coop

Where to Place Your Chicken Coop

Where Should You Place Your Chicken Coop?

So, you've taken the plunge into the wonderful world of raising chickens in your backyard – a fantastic decision indeed! But before you embark on this feathered adventure, let's take a moment to discuss the all-important task of finding the perfect spot for your chicken coop in the space you have.

Where is the Ideal Placement of a Chicken Coop?

First things first, let's delve into the ideal placement. You might initially think stashing it away at the farthest end of your garden or yard is the way to go, but trust us, keeping it within sight from your house can make all the difference. This not only makes it super easy to check in on your feathered friends whenever you please but also enables you to swiftly identify and address any issues that may arise.

Now, let's talk about shade – just like us, chickens need a cool shady spot on a scorching day. If you're fortunate enough to have trees or bushes in your garden, that's perfect! They'll relish the shelter provided, staying cool and comfortable. And if you happen to have fruit trees, it's a double win – chickens happily munching on bugs that would otherwise pester your fruit. 

Of course, we can't ignore the matter of those pesky predators. Keep your coop at a safe distance from compost bins, as they tend to attract unwelcome guests. Also, be sure to secure your chicken feed to deter critters from sneaking in for a snack.

Where to put a Chicken Coop in a Small Yard?

If your garden space is on the smaller side, no worries! There's always room to find a cozy nook for your coop. Just ensure it's sheltered and receives ample sunlight. And if shade is in short supply, consider adding some sun sails to provide your chickens with a bit of relief from the sun's rays. In the winter, make sure they are protected from harsh winds, either placing the coop near bushes or creating a wind break with tarps. This will depend on what the conditions are in your area.

Do Chickens Eat Grass?

Photo of Chickens in a Yard

When it comes to giving your chickens the freedom to roam, it's essential to provide them with easy access to grassy areas. Just be vigilant about them wandering onto your patio – after all, nobody wants to step in chicken poop!

For those opting to keep their chickens in a run, it's crucial to consider their dietary needs. They'll quickly devour grass, so factor that into your planning. And don't forget about bedding – wood shavings are a popular choice, but be sure to keep them dry to maintain a comfortable environment for your birds.

Should a Coop Have a Run?

Photo of Nestera Large Raised Chicken Coop with 6.5 foot optional run on a white background

In search of a secure outdoor run? Look no further! Our optional 6.5' run accessory offers top-notch protection, allowing your chickens to strut their stuff without a care in the world. However, take note that it is only compatible with our Nestera Large Raised Chicken Coop. With the run along with our automatic door opener, you can rest assured that your flock are safe and sound. For even more protection, you can wrap the run with a smaller mesh chicken wire.

How Many Chickens?

Photo of Chickens around a Nestera Large Raised Coop in a backyard setting

Starting with just a few chickens is a wise move – you can always expand your flock later on. Remember, the more space you can provide them, the happier they'll be. So, don't hesitate to start small and watch your flock grow! We started with just 6 and have so far found it to be a great number.


We hope you love you chickens as much as we do here at Farm Your Home. 

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