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No Frustration Gardening

No Frustration Gardening

Have you tried to plant a garden and failed? Maybe you don't have room for a garden or don't have any extra time or energy to maintain one. Or maybe you're like me and weren't born with a green thumb, but you still want fresh food. If this is the case, you could be a good candidate for an indoor smart garden.

When I first started looking into indoor gardening, I came across many DIY setups, which are great, but I didn't have the resources or the know-how to recreate the plans. I also found many hydroponic systems that were very complicated with the water setup and pH levels, etc. It sort of sounded like setting up a fish tank.

I finally found a super easy, non-GMO, organic way to put food on my family's table. It consists of putting a pre-seeded plant pod (think coffee pods) into these plastic holders that come with the setup, adding regular tap water to the garden, and plugging it in. This garden has the correct light spectrum needed for healthy plants, and the lights stay on for 16 hours and turn off for 8, which is the perfect amount of time! I can even put this garden in my basement that doesn't have windows without worrying about light! I just have to replenish the water when the "bobber" is low. I think I can handle that.

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 with Leaf CeleryThe gardens are made by Click and Grow and come in many different sizes. The smallest has room for 3 plants, which is great for herbs and a very small space. There's a 9-hole garden that gives you a bit more room to add greens or even a fruiting plant or two. My favorite is the Smart Garden 27 because you can grow greens, herbs, and some fruiting plants all at once. Or you can rotate planting so you consistently have fresh produce for you or your family.

There is another garden, the 25, that is set up slightly differently in that it's meant for continuous greens. And then there is the Wall Garden that has 51 spots for plants, taking it to a whole other level.

Click & Grow Apple Mint 3 Pack PodsYou can purchase the plant pods, and they last for up to 2 years if kept in the correct conditions (cool and dry). So you can say goodbye to some store-purchased produce and harvest from your smart garden all year round! That literally takes farm-to-table up a notch. You can't get any fresher than that.

I was so impressed by these indoor smart gardens that I decided to offer them on my website along with a few other small space gardening and farming items. I hope you enjoy!

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