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Click and Grow Smart Garden 25

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Click and Grow Smart Garden 25 Indoor Garden 

The Best Indoor Garden for Salads or Leafy Greens

Woman standing at sink with a Click and Grow Smart Garden 25 next to the counter

Looking to start gardening inside your home? Consider the Click & Grow 25, an indoor garden that provides a sustainable lifestyle with fresh and healthy greens. This innovative system features a 5-week growing cycle that ensures a continuous harvest of leafy greens.

The Click & Grow 25 takes care of all the hard work for you. With its patented tray system, it's specifically designed for growing leafy greens in a seamless planting and harvesting cycle. Simply insert the plant pods from one end, and harvest from the other. The connected app helps you track your plants and provides useful tips on how to grow the most bountiful greens.

Best For: Individuals or Families who desire continuous greens


Continuous Fresh Supply of Greens right in your Home

Photo of a Click and Grow Smart Garden 25 in White with grown leafy greens

This indoor planting system is suitable for all Click & Grow plants, but it's perfect for leafy greens. You'll always have a fresh supply of healthy greens to add to your dishes. Choose the Click & Grow 25 for a sustainable and convenient indoor gardening experience.

This garden includes: 1- 3 pack of Leaf Mustard, 1 - 3 pack of Red Kale, 2 - 3 packs of Romaine Lettuce and 2 Green Lettuce 9-packs to get you started. (Total of 30 pods)

You can choose one of two beautiful finishes for your garden's metal parts: White or Black. The natural oak wood legs and panels come with the same finish for both the white and black option.

For growing herbs, fruits and flowers, we recommend our other indoor smart gardens.

Your shipment of the Click & Grow 25 unit includes:

  • Click and Grow Instruction Manual and tools for easy assembly
  • 3.37-gallon water tank
  • Sliding base for the water tank
  • 2x LED grow lights
  • 6x Grow Flow™ trays for plant pods
  • 1x Grow Flow™ tray holder
  • Tray cover for faster germination
  • 2x side panels to keep your plants safe
  • Power adapter
  • Wooden legs and panels

Click & Grow 25 accessories such as the additional bottom storage drawer, the top shelf or the kit of light-blocking panels with a ventilator ARE NOT INCLUDED in the starter kit and can be purchased separately coming soon.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 25 Manual PDF

Download the Manual HERE



The Click & Grow 25 is a pioneering solution for having a continuous supply of fresh, leafy greens at hand. This can be easily achieved by operating the patented Click & Grow 25 tray system and choosing plant pods from our selection of over 20 leafy greens. All of our leafy greens grow at a similar pace and only take 5 weeks from planting to becoming harvest-ready.

Maintaining the 5-week growing and harvesting cycle:

  1. Fill one tray at a time with plant pods once every week
  2. Remove a tray full of mature greens 5 weeks after planting it
  3. Set the tray with 5-week-old plants into a tray holder, consume within a week
  4. Slide trays sideways to make room for the next tray
  5. Plant a new set of plant pods on the new tray
  6. Repeat by planting from one end and harvesting from another. Keep a gradually growing order with plants to avoid some of them being overshadowed.

If you're interested in growing an indoor herb garden or a vertical garden, the Click & Grow 25 is an excellent option. Although it was initially developed to focus on growing leafy vegetables in a 5-week cycle, it also works perfectly with the rest of our wide plant pod selection, including herbs, fruits, and ornamentals. However, note that these plants tend to grow slower and cannot be grown within the same 5-week cycle.

Suppose you're interested in mixing different plant categories to create your own unique indoor herb garden or vertical garden. In that case, we recommend using the Click & Grow app with its Freestyle mode. This mode allows you to customize the growing cycle for each plant pod and create a more diverse and dynamic indoor garden. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gardener, the Click & Grow 25 is an excellent choice for all your indoor gardening needs.

How to Use your Click & Grow 25 Smart Garden:

  • Each module comes with 6 trays - 1 you can use for harvesting or storing the herbs you plan to harvest and 5 to always have in the garden producing new greens.
  • Measurements:
    W: 29.72 in x H: 20.1 in x D: 16.9 in
  • Floor area: 3.2 sq ft
  • Plant capacity: 25 plants per 1 module
  • 5 trays per module, 5 plants in each tray (5x5)
  • Vertically stackable; 3 modules max
  • Two finishes/colors available - choose between oak wood + white panels or oak wood + black panels

Warranty: 1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty

Download the manual

You can download the digital version of our manual here. The manual comes in two versions for the “Attaching to a wall” section.

Download Click and Grow 25 Manual Here

Download Click and Grow 25 Manual for Mounting to Wall Here

Set Up Instruction Video:

2. What plants can I grow with the Click & Grow 25?

The Click & Grow 25 was developed with a focus on providing an ample amount of leafy greens for daily consumption. For this, you should follow a 5-week growing cycle using Click & Grow leafy green plant pods. The rest of the plants we offer, such as herbs or fruits, grow perfectly in the garden as well but they don’t fit into the Click & Grow 25’s signature 5-week cycle due to their slower growing speed.

3. Which leafy greens mature in 5 weeks?

All of the 20+ leafy greens from our Click & Grow plant pod selection are compatible with the 5-week growing cycle.

4. How do plants stay fresh for another week after I remove them from the garden?

To remove a tray full of plants, it's essential to place them into their designated tray holder and ensure that it has the appropriate amount of water. Once placed in the tray holder, the plants will continue to receive water through their wicks, ensuring that they remain fresh without requiring any light. Although a moderate light source, such as sunlight from a nearby window, can be beneficial, it's not a requirement for the plants' survival.

5. How many Click & Grow 25 units can I stack on top of each other?

3 units maximum is the safe height. This way they can be securely fixed together and fastened on a wall. A tower of 3 units can also include the bottom storage cabinet that’s available as an accessory item (coming March 2023.)

6. How do I use my plant pods?

Just take the Smart Soil plant pods from their package and insert them into the cavities of the planting trays. Make sure the plant pod matches the angle of the cavities - the wider side of the pod should face upwards.

7. When and how do I add water?

When following the 5-week growing cycle, it’s best to add water every week right when you remove one tray and replace it with another. Do it according to the minimum and maximum water level lines inside the tank. The garden also has an automated water level indicator which notifies you of low levels through the Click & Grow mobile app.

8. How long do plants take to sprout?

The leafy greens that are best used with the Click & Grow 25 take 1 week to sprout. Other herbs, fruits and ornamental plants take 2 weeks or in some cases even 3.

If your plants have not sprouted within 3 weeks then definitely contact us at and we will help you out with any problems.


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