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Nestera Medium Lodge Chicken Coop

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Nestera Medium Lodge Chicken Coop

Little Girl near a Nestera Medium Lodge Chicken Coop

Excellent Coop for 3-9 Chickens.

Nestera took the best features of both their Ground and Raised coops to create the Lodge. 

The Lodge features an 8.9-inch ground clearance, providing a sheltered area beneath the coop for protection from the sun and rain. This elevated design simplifies cleaning and egg collection. The Medium model comfortably houses 3 large-sized hens, 5 medium-sized hens or 9 Bantams.


Assembly required. 25 Year Warranty.



Versatile Chicken Coop

Low enough for young hens to access the coop, but high enough to offer easier cleaning, protection from ground frost and vermin, and for a sheltered area under the coop for protection from the sun and rain.

Photo of Chickens Roosting in a Nestera Small Lodge Chicken Coop

The Nestera Medium Plastic Chicken Lodge offers a comfortable and reliable roost for your flock. 

The sturdy, UV-resistant, 100% recycled plastic construction prevents mites from reproducing or hiding. The coop is equipped with adjustable ventilation and thermal insulation to keep your chickens safe and cozy in all weather conditions.




Easy Egg Access Reliable Chicken Coop

Photo of Egg Collecting from a Nestera Medium Lodge Chicken Coop

Egg collection and cleaning are made effortless with rear hatches and removable roofs. The sliding metal door secures the entrance and helps to keep predators out. This reliable and sturdy coop will provide your chicks with an ideal shelter in which to flourish. 

Create a comfortable and secure roosting shelter in your backyard with the Nestera Medium Chicken Lodge, which provides reliable and convenient accommodations for your fowl. The black body of the lodge is made of nearly 0.5" thick plastic, and the arched green roof creates a diverse aesthetic. Standing 8.75" off the ground, this roost is easy for your chickens to enter with its 21.75" long, grooved rampway, and offers you easy access for cleaning and maintenance. 



Easy to Clean Low Maintenance Coop

Photo of a woman cleaning a Nestera Chicken Coop with a Hose

One of the best parts about Nestera coops is that they are so easy to clean. The plastic construction allows you to hose it down or power wash, reducing the possibilities of red mites. For seasonal cleaning and maintenance, the back wall of the coop can be removed, and cleaned.

The compact size makes it easy to place where it's most convenient for you. The 0.5" thick recycled plastic construction is both durable and environmentally friendly, and the black color offers excellent insulation. 


Chicken Coop that Provides Weather and Predator Protection

Photo of the Nestera Small Lodge Chicken Coop Ventilation Dial

The unit's sturdy, UV-resistant construction offers superior weather protection for your flock and prevents red mites from hiding or reproducing. Chickens will enjoy superior comfort in this lodge, with adjustable ventilation and excellent thermal insulation that maintains comfortable temperatures throughout the year. Removable roofs and rear hatches facilitate cleaning and egg retrieval, while a sliding metal door helps protect the entrance from predators.




Durable Chicken House

This coop is designed for durability and interior comfort, providing a practical and cozy habitat for your chicks to thrive in. Give your backyard flock a charming and serene home with the Nestera Medium Chicken Lodge. Assembly is required, and a 25-year warranty is included.


Save Money and Time on a Coop

Invest in a long-lasting shelter for your backyard chickens with any Nestera Chicken Coop product, which all come with a 25-year warranty. No worries about rotting wood or constant pest infestation. This hen house won't need replaced for a very long time.


Assembly required. 25 Year Warranty. Accessories available.

Nestera Medium Lodge Chicken Coop Manual PDF
Download the Manual HERE

25 Year Warranty Logo Make in UK Logo

Have you checked out our Nestera coop accessories? They include removable Droppings Trays for quick and easy cleaning, an Automatic Door Opener so you don’t have to get up when your chickens do.

Nesting Area Dimensions: 17.25"L x 25"W x 19.25"H
Overall Dimensions: 39.375"L x 30.75"W x 39.375"H
Mounting: place on level surface
Construction: recycled plastic
Mfg. Warranty: 25 year warranty
Shipping Weight: 87 lbs

Download User Guide HERE

Are Nestera Chicken Coops Predator Proof?

Nestera's ‘chew-resistant’ coops are made from 100% recycled plastic which is really tough, so they are considered predator resistant. And the ventilation holes are far too small for other animals. The rear door is lockable and the front door is reinforced with rotating metal slide, which makes it difficult to open by lifting, unlike classic vertical sliding doors. As always, take precautions by not leaving feed out overnight and storing it either inside or in a tightly sealed bucket. Keep your coop bedding clean and make sure to get an automatic coop door opener/closer or be sure to lock your flock in each night.

Are Plastic Chicken Coops Red Mite Proof?

Unfortunately, nothing is 100% red mite-proof. However, Nestera plastic chicken coops are cleverly designed to be extremely red mite-resistant!

Red mites are tiny, and live in cracks and joints in poultry housing. Unlike wooden chicken coops, ours are made from solid 100% recycled plastic and created to ensure there are very few suitable places for red mite to hide.

We recommend sprinkling Diatom powder around the coop when refreshing the bedding, so any mites present are quickly dealt with before they can multiply.

Do Plastic Chicken Coops Get Cold in the Winter and/or Hot in the Summer?

The plastic we use is 100% recycled which we have found to be an excellent material for chicken coops. In the winter months, the required ventilation means the temperature inside the coop will be similar to the ambient air temperature outside. However, chickens are quite tolerant of the cold as their feathers provide good insulation.

During the warmer summer months, our solid, UV-resistant roofs reflects the sun's heat really well, keeping your chickens cool and comfortable.

How many Chickens can live in a Nestera Chicken Coop?

For our standard range of coops, we have three sizes available: Small, Medium and Large. The Small is designed for up to two large fowls or four bantams, the Medium for up to five large fowls or nine bantams and the Large suits up to eight large birds or 15 bantams.

The Wagon is suitable for up to eight large birds or 15 bantams.

Can I install an Automatic Door Opener in Nestera Coops?

Absolutely! We offer an Automatic Door Opener as an optional extra with all our coops. Discreet pre-drilled holes are included for easy installation.

How Long Does it Take to Assemble a Nestera Coop?

Most people manage to successfully assemble their Nestera coop in well under an hour. You certainly don’t need to be a DIY expert! We provide clear and easy-to-follow instructions with every chicken coop which can also be downloaded above.


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