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Nestera Chicken Wagon

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Nestera Chicken Wagon

Inspired by the American Wild West, this Wagon-style coop sits on four wheels, offering effortless movement for a single individual. 

Featuring a sturdy, full-height front door, it makes it easy to clean. The Wagon coop can accommodate up to 8 medium-sized hens and has a 25 year Warranty.


Movable Chicken Tractor Coop

Man moving the Chicken Wagon around by the Handle

Want a chicken coop you can easily move around? Then you want to add the Nestera Chicken Wagon to your space. The handle and wheels make it a cinch to relocate to a different area.




Low Maintenance Chicken Coop

This Nestera coop is made of 100% recycled plastic and has a long and distinctive design reminiscent of a covered wagon. The curved green plastic panels form a durable and environmentally-friendly roof, requiring minimal maintenance and providing protection against mites and pests.

The components of the coop are super easy to clean. You can choose a quick clean or you can disassemble the wagon for a detailed cleaning.

Keep Your Chickens Safe With This Secure Chicken Coop

Man's hand on the door of the Nestera Chicken Wagon

A tall front door, equipped with a 16.25"-long ramp, allows your chickens to enter and exit the wagon with ease while ensuring security, thanks to the door's latch. Inside the coop, two individual nest boxes with angled inserts direct eggs to a back collection bin. A sliding cover with a lockable feature enables easy egg harvesting. The dual wheel sets offer versatility and convenience in moving the coop to your desired location.


Don't want to get up when your chickens do? Install our automatic coop door and you don't need to worry if you want to sleep in. Click here!



The Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer Chicken Coop

The recycled plastic panels are 0.375" thick and black, ensuring the interior stays warm, while ventilation gaps beneath the roof overhang prevent overheating. The lightweight sturdy construction makes this coop a reliable addition to your backyard farm, and the green roof complements the natural aesthetic of your lawn.

Nestera Chicken Wagon Product Guide PDF

Download the Product Guide HERE


Assembly is required, and a 25-year warranty is included. 

25 Year Warranty Logo Made in the UK Symbol Illustration

Nesting Area Dimensions: 17.75"L x 11.75"W x 15.75"H each
Overall Dimensions: 69.625"L x 45.5"W x 52.5"H
Mounting: place on level surface
Construction: recycled plastic
Mfg. Warranty: 25 year warranty

Download User Guide HERE

Assembly required. Free Shipping. 25 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Have you thought about an Automatic Door Opener so you don’t have to get up when your chickens do? It can be programmed to open at a certain time or when the sun comes up.

Are Nestera Chicken Coops Predator Proof?

We really think so! We've not received a single report of a predator getting into one of our coops. Our ‘chew-resistant’ coops are made from 100% recycled plastic which is really tough, and the ventilation holes are far too small for other animals. The rear door is lockable and the front door is reinforced with rotating metal slide, which makes it difficult to open by lifting, unlike classic vertical sliding doors.

Are Plastic Chicken Coops Red Mite Proof?

Unfortunately, nothing is 100% red mite-proof. However, Nestera plastic chicken coops are cleverly designed to be extremely red mite-resistant!

Red mites are tiny, and live in cracks and joints in poultry housing. Unlike wooden chicken coops, ours are made from solid 100% recycled plastic and created to ensure there are very few suitable places for red mite to hide.

We recommend sprinkling Diatom powder around the coop when refreshing the bedding, so any mites present are quickly dealt with before they can multiply.

Do Plastic Chicken Coops Get Cold in the Winter and/or Hot in the Summer?

The plastic we use is 100% recycled which we have found to be an excellent material for chicken coops. In the winter months, the required ventilation means the temperature inside the coop will be similar to the ambient air temperature outside. However, chickens are quite tolerant of the cold as their feathers provide good insulation. Some breeds do better in the ultra cold weather, so do your research when purchasing for your area.

During the warmer summer months, our solid, UV-resistant roofs reflects the sun's heat really well, keeping your chickens cool and comfortable.

*Once again, make sure you choose the correct breeds for your area of the country. Some ornamental breeds especially do not do well in below freezing temperatures.

How many Chickens can live in a Nestera Plastic Chicken Coop?

The Wagon is suitable for up to eight large birds, five giant hens or 15 bantams.

Here's a great video to talk more about The Nestera Wagon:

Can I install an Automatic Door Opener in Nestera Coops?

Absolutely! We offer an Automatic Door Opener as an optional extra with all our coops. Discreet pre-drilled holes are included for easy installation.

How Long Does it Take to Assemble a Nestera Coop?

Most people manage to successfully assemble their Nestera coop in well under an hour. You certainly don’t need to be a DIY expert! We provide clear and easy-to-follow instructions with every chicken coop which can also be downloaded above.

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