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Assorted Succulent Cuttings 5-Pack

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Assorted Succulent Cuttings 5-Pack

A 5-Pack of our exclusive assortment of succulent cuttings, thoughtfully selected for their low-maintenance characteristics, guaranteeing effortless care and long-lasting beauty.

Great Plants for Terrariums

These cuttings are the perfect choice for delightful gifts or for crafting stunning at-home terrariums. During the initial phase of root establishment, it is crucial to provide these succulent cuttings with slightly increased watering. However, once their roots have firmly taken hold, you can reduce the watering frequency to once every two weeks, promoting optimal growth.

Please note that these cuttings are ready to be potted with soil, eliminating any extra preparation. Within a span of approximately 4 weeks, you can anticipate these cuttings to develop their own healthy roots.

Each cutting exhibits a size range of approximately 1.5 to 3 inches in both height and width, showcasing natural variations inherent to the assortment.

Size: ~1.5-3" tall and wide. Sizes will vary.

Sunlight: Bright, indirect to direct light.

Watering frequency: Once a week

For pet owners: Not pet friendly

Weight for shipping:  .5 lb.

Shipping will apply to all Live Plant and accessory orders so that they are properly cared for during all months of the year.

We guarantee all plants to arrive safely, rain or shine, or we’ll ship out a new one.

All plants are checked prior to shipment for quality control and pack them with care. However, handling damages by shipping carriers can occur during transit. In these cases, we re-ship the plants at no cost to you.

Shipping costs, based on TOTAL order weight:

0.01 - 0.50 lb: $5.00 USD

0.51 - 1.00 lb: $7.00 USD

1.01 - 1.51 lb: $9.00 USD

1.51 - 3.00 lb: $12.00 USD

3.01 - 5.00 lb: $15.00 USD

5.01 - 8.00 lb: $20.00 USD

8.01 - 12.00 lb: $25.00 USD

12.01 - 16.00 lb: $35.00 USD

16.01 - 20.00 lb: $41.00 USD

20.01 - 40.00 lb: $55.00 USD

40.01 - 50.00 lb: $98.00 USD

50.01 - 60.00 lb: $130.00 USD

60.01 - 70.00 lb: $150.00 USD

70.01 - 80.00 lb: $178.00 USD

80.01 - 100.00 lb: $210.00 USD

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