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Why farm your home blog post

Why Farm Your Home?

Photo of Jennifer from Farm Your Home

I consider myself lucky to have grown up in a place that allowed my sister and I to have a front and back yard. We had plenty of space to play with friends on our swing set or splash in our kiddie pool or climb trees. We could play hide and seek, nestling in the bushes or hiding behind the garage. We even had a vacant lot right next to us where we would play baseball, soccer or just race each other until our legs gave out.

We didn’t have a lot of money and my Mom always had two jobs. I began thinking about all that land we had growing up and how we could have created a small garden that provided a few veggies and fruits and even some fresh herbs. We could have had a few chickens to provide unending eggs for protein. Seeds were cheap and watering was cheaper than store bought food. Even though we lived in the middle of a City. Of course hindsight is always 20/20.

But, we didn’t have the knowledge and Mom didn’t have the time and I was a child. Mom was working super hard to pay the mortgage and put gas in our car. There was no internet to learn how to grow food on your own or purchase seeds or some chicken wire that would ship straight to your house in 2 days. We just didn’t have the resources and frankly junk food was cheap.

Today, most of us are aware that vegetables and fruits are better for you than pizza and chips. Many Americans are permanently or partially working from home, which makes it so easy to reach into the cupboard for a high calorie snack. But what if you could at least replace SOME of that food with items you have grown on your kitchen counter? Pick a cherry tomato right off the vine or eat a sweet pepper that you don’t even need to wash. What if you could have an indoor garden with year round options? Or fresh eggs you just gathered from your back yard? We now have the technology and we have the knowledge. If you don’t have the resources for equipment, I still think you can be creative with growing food in your home, but if you have the ability to obtain the equipment it's a super easy process. What a wonderful thing to know where your food comes from and how fresh it is.

Farming Your Home simply means adding agriculture that benefits you or your family. It could be for health, aesthetics, the environment, to teach your children or just because you are sick of buying lettuce at the store that's already turning brown in 2 days. Knowing what’s available and how to implement products or processes is what our mission is. We want to help improve your life by cultivating your space whether that’s a studio apartment or a 4 bedroom house.

I started this website and began researching products that I personally have always wanted, hopefully making it easier for others to learn from and acquire items I hadn’t known even existed. High quality, sustainable, purposeful items that pertain to fresh home grown food and biophilic design. Like our Click and Grow indoor gardens that easily grow over 75 greens, herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers or our Nestera Chicken coops that are made from 100% recycled plastic. At Farm Your Home we want to bring the outdoors inside all year round and to help you use what space you have to become a more sustainable household. All while living in an Urban area. 

Thank you for visiting - I hope you learn a thing or two or even pass on the knowledge you gain from taking a look at our website. 

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